Apply to be under my consideration

after you are done thoughtfully responding to my questions .


This document is purely to give me (your temporary dominant or future LTD ) Better understanding of who you are and what makes you tick

BDSM requires understanding , skilled listening and communication prior to a scene , if you are looking to book with me you will answer my questions and send the responses to my email .

1. Age.

2. Height , weight

3. Kink interests, specific fetishs’ and fantasies you’re looking to explore with me

4. Hard limits and boundaries , considerations and triggers . List them thoroughly

5. Are you looking for dungeon space or to meet at my private incall /or an outcall arrangement?

6. Have you read my website ••••••••{ }••••••

7. Are you healthy if not , list issues that you think I might need to be aware of

8. You are under my consideration so Are you a novice , a seasoned kinkster or an advanced player ?do you require consultation before we meet ?

9. Do you agree to be sober at our session together

10. Do you intend on serving frequently or just discern as you go ?

11. Do you feel you have done enough research on me to make a confident decision ?

12. Is there anything else you want to communicate with me initially beforehand before we begin discussing arrangements and scene Details .

Yes my name is Emma , no I don’t care if you know my legal name , you find that out when you e transfer me 