EROTIC HYPNOSIS through trances and relaxation ~ deep breathing and body work

There are many ways one can become entranced , wether by pendulum or by voice , My hypnosis sessions are typically geared towards one theme or objective , below are the top 10 I practice most and have had the most success with

1. LONGEVITY ( lasting long periods of time being stimulated without cumming )

2. Alcohol and drug addiction ( let me enter your subconscious and rewire you )

3. Sissy training, becoming more submissive and feminine

4. Porn addiction

5.Mesmerize Cbt hypnosis ( thoughts feelings and behaviours are connected in this session )

6. Full body entrancement if you’re interested In leaving your body for a while and going elsewhere .

7. Fetish focused hypnosis ( the art of closing a door to one fetish and opening the door to another )

8. relaxation hypnosis , to tame the nervous system

9. Better sleep hypnosis

10. Tease and denial hypnosis

All sessions are 200$ hr and require 20 minutes of deep breathing , focus and trust in my voice before we begin .


I have been practising unblocking and tantric meditation for many years , My skills in this field require me to be in a very good place spiritually emotionally and physically,

If I have never met you and you want to indulge in this practice please first do your research on chakras , kundalini , tantric massage , stamina building and the importance of our Chakras being aligned to experience the joy of living without toxins , experiencing depression , alcohol , drugs , or mind altering substances .

You will be a clean slate when you leave if a session goes well and you selectively keep an open mind .

Alignment session : non sexual touching / 150$ hr

Tantric release : a slow build up of energies and regressed emotions brought to the root chakra and then released . By hand 駱

1 hr 200$

2 hours 400$

3 hours 600$

Any questions or inquiry email me

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