Ethical F I N D O M. ( REVISED )2018-2023

This is a revised version of the original written statement in 2018. Keep in mind I am not talking about online findom This entire article is for the purpose of education and information about my findom services as a Dominatrix in my private practice relating to cashmeets and other various findom activities I provide .

Findom kink with an ethical and FLR and S/M based framework , Is how I indulge in FINDOM . I created the term/sub-kink ethical findom because After working and playing with so many PAYPIG’s I realized and conceded that some ( not all ) had deeper and more devious intention with the kink that would either eventually harm them or others .

FOR EXAMPLE : ( these varieties I have met and personally been served by , after observation I realized these were not individuals That I wanted serving me and I cut ties )

Father Of two kids addicted to findom and spends money that is supposed to be spent on food for them .

individual with cognitive dissonance that uses findom as an excuse not to be financially responsible .

business man with a gambling problem , justification and poor self control with the kink can and has left life long consequences in financial distress and bankruptcy

Depressed or possibly suicidal individual that uses findom as self sabotage inevitably causing longterm financial and emotional damage and prolonged illness due to the fetish .

you’re probably thinking ? Why should the Domme care or feel responsible for a man’s choices with his finances and what he does with them ? Why should the man not hold himself accountable for the choices he made ? Why should a person receiving money from a finsub in person care at all what their business is ?

well here’s where the ethical part comes in , the honorific “Domme” term refers to a Dominant ( in BDSM /fetish /FLR,and the lifestyle and pertaining to in person live play ) whereas the dominant or top is supposed to have the subs /bottoms best interest at heart no matter what even if it relates to findom dynamic or other aspects of findom play .
Paradoxically the dominant is responsible , and when they are cognitively aware of the damage that’s being done that can weigh on a person . The conscience . The integrity of a persons life is held in their actions and words especially as a Domme . Findom has blurred lines and here in my dungeon the lines are crystal fucking clear .

Findom is about a power exchange, it’s a thrill of tithing and getting nothing back .the thrill of being humiliated and being exposed in some cases , each finsub is variably different in how you approach the kink .

the adrenaline rush of being broke knowing the goddess you sent and tributed to is so pleased

Your wealth is depleting

you’re getting away with another tribute , no one will find out

the feeling after of hands shaking , sweat and hard on , and then copious amount of cortisol and other substances the body produces to “deal and feel “

For years Findom was a roleplay based fetish that would take place between two people a Dom and a finsub ; ( in person ) The prerequisite was consent and communication ( possible contract ) , mutual respect and fun . I find now the current market is saturated with , fake PAYPIG’s that expect something in return ( which isn’t findom ) So I’m making it very clear right now if you come and see me you will serve , tribute and leave unless you have a specific scene idea involving findom that interests me .

money is in abundance , and can cloud the hearts and minds of those that do not respect it , money is not a currency as much as it is a symbol of time and life energy, the power exchange with findom is adrenaline filled and exciting for both parties which is why so many finsubs are addicted and make irresponsible choices relating to it .

( I do not indulge in online findom , only in person ) DO NOT ASK

I advocate Ethical findom where we sit down and talk first before humiliation or any type of roleplay begins and you the finsub will answer my questions , as to find out more about your interests involving findom and what that means for you so I can get a better Idea of if you are a risky player , unstable financially or poor ?

or someone I’m willing to have in my dungeon as a finsub , I am a professional and I do not at any time put any of my subs at risk or harm them , the pain or degradation I serve is consented and agreed upon and relished in

not suffered .
that is part of my responsibility as a Domme

I allow 25 min of free consult to see if you are a good fit for me and if you are able to afford my tithe rate % which is 10% of your income per month

per cashmeet 3 separate transactions

or all together

plus gifts 🎁 or items on my wish list

Worship me • devote yourself • intoxicate your mind

if you are a finsub :

you will email me first( ) with your idea of what a findom arrangment is and your requests in a dynamic( ruthless , sadist , etc etc etc ) , if you are new to me feel free to use the free 20 min consult to get curious and tell me what you offer and how you’re going to add to my wealth

and if you’re a right fit for me and my Caliber .

Findom is a dying art and a delicious kink played with the right person.

online drains happen only at my convenience ( rare but possible )

Cashmeets are done downtown vancouver and deposit is payed prior to meeting

dungeon cashmeet is 400$ minimum or 10% of your income over 30 days

I do debt contracts and chastity key holding


If feet are your weakness ,