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Welcome , you have reached the digital Doors of Madam Rabbit . I hope you enjoy reading and researching

I know very well That anyone coming to see me knows there is power in submission and many of you crave a power exchange that allows you to shift focus cerebrally from work , social life and the stresses of day to day ; having a quality of life means having fun and using one’s imagination to create something sacred .
When you Experience submission you experience a letting go that cannot be found anywhere else , it is a powerful medicine that aids in finding balance and calibration .
My clientele range from businessmen, professionals , avid kinksters , novice players and skilled hobbyists .
Who better to give power to than Women of Grace, Women of Power, Women of Stature, Women of great intuition and knowledge.

Welcome to my world pet , my playground of endless possibilities and a plethora of choices We can take into the Dungeon or in the comfort of your home . If you are reading this right now it means that you are most likely curious about the world of BDSM /FETISH and you are in search of a Mistress archetype that suits your needs .

I am a true sadist which means I delight in seeing a masochist enjoy a serving of pain while pushing limits and enjoying the moment , I am not a ruthless degrading Dominant by nature , I enjoy fully restraining my play partners and torturing their senses .

my domination style is tactical , Phycological and calculated , from the time you book with me until the time you walk through my doors I am tactfully prepared and planning our scene , each activity catered to your specific interests and preferences .

I am a nurturing Dominant who cares deeply about each person I work with and their specific needs . Im a Chameleon when it comes to communication style and conviviality,’many have said I bring ease to the dungeon.

I am old school and believe open communication and mutual respect are of upmost importance.

I welcome all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, and abilities, as well as couples, newcomers, and the experienced player. I take pride in creating a safe,erotic atmosphere ;clean, creative environment for all to connect to their sexual nature. I provide space for connection and growth with those who share in my deviant interests .

As a Domina and Mistress I build relationships and experiences through cerebral engagement, strict but nurturing discipline ; keen disciplinary tactics and my dainty sadist persona . Years of artistic creation ,meditation ,shadow work and painting have trained Me to listen closely to the landscape of the body+ And the mind , My implements and tools reveal that I am the artist and you are My work of art. Devotion is crafted carefully with My voice and My hand while I tune the environment to each individual’s unique cravings and needs. My intuitive nature pick up on my subs limits and I meticulously push further and deeper for your pleasures and deviant fantasies .

Learning FEMDOM FUNDAMENTALS is a wonderful experience for any play partner: or someone who wants to broaden their sexual horizons .

Sexual fetishs are very common and I handle each client in the way they need to be treated , and trained . Foot fetish being the most common . I dabble in a wide range of technical BDSM / hardcore and softcore and delightfully sadist for all you devoted pain sluts out there . a true masochist will enjoy my impact play sessions , I carry out numerous styles , roleplays and scenes depending on what you have in mind. I’m equipped with whips ,canes , and everything in between ; bullwhip and leather straps to satiate any pain sluts wild fantasies . In my scenes I can be intense and though provoking or nurturing and loving depending on the scene . My full list of kinks and fetishs /role plays can be found here

When coming to me there are things to consider about my domination style and where I stand with protocol,training ethic, sanitization , consent policy ,primal play ,safe-word, NEUTRAL TIME POLICY ,aftercare,bondage practices, sobriety claus, sub-Drop protocol,and my limits which I will list below ,I book the dungeon 24-48 hours in advance and require a mandatory deposit of $50-$75 ,once deposit is sent I give you address and all other pertinent info needed leading to the session in the dungeon . my email is —

—————————DUNGEON IS IN BURNABY NEAR NAPIER ST 4000 block—————————

you will use proper honourifics with me , you may call me madam master or daddy

outcall Dom sessions are an option for you shy guys and gals ,rules above apply to outcall sessions .

1.TRAINING ETHICS —I pride myself on the experience that my clients have when coming to me ,In this profession most often Dommes are looked at or perceived in the vanilla world as cold, heartless, apathetic creatures with a succubus like persona, perhaps for some that works but for me personally I enjoy connecting with my subs even if it is after a pain training session or a humiliation roleplay I still require that there is time for us to be ourselves and hold space if needed,I consider myself a nurturing sadist ,well rounded and don’t take myself seriously In fact I quite enjoy being a geek and aloof just as much as I enjoy putting on my captains hat and flogging a poor soul, I will never treat a sub poorly,or with disrespect,I have been taught that until given consent I am soft spoken and diligent in my craft .

2.SANITIZATION—- all impliments ,bdsm furniture,rope,surfaces,floor,uniform,masks,strap ons,Sex toys etc are sanitized BEFORE and AFTER to create an impeccable play space experience that is safe efficient and organized

3.CONSENT POLICY—ALL PLAYERS must consent to each session and throughout the session to enjoy my scenes.All activities require full enthusiastic consent for me to indulge you .

I do not offer (CNC) CONSENT NON CONSENT ,unless I have had atleast 5 sessions with you ,once I learn more about your style,persona,limits,and archtype we can discuss CNC with a written contract prior to playing .

4.PRIMAL PLAY— I offer a unique primal play experience in The world famous Stanley Park, we travel together and arrange a safe zone ,In that safe zone I am the huntress and you are my prey ,The objective In a primal scene is to culminate the fear and adrenaline one would have if being hunted in the wild,I track you and If I find you I will pounce on you ,we will roll around And I will what I please (within reason ) to my caught prey. This experience has a lovely euphoric and childlike sentiment to it ,Mixed with an adrenaline drop type fear play session .

5.SAFE WORD PROTOCOL —-I use MERCY ,its easy efficient and not lengthy ,depending on the scene my visual safe-word is turning of the head,or left knee jerk. If you are full restrained and gagged your visual safe word we will discuss together in neutral time .

6.NEUTRAL TIME POLICY ;A scene will start after neutral time ,you and I will sit down and chat for 5-10 minutes prior to any honorifics,no formalities,just you and I chatting in a netrual space ,safe,non judgmental and polite.

7.AFTERCARE—-This is vital to all s/m scenes, if there is pain involved ,humiliation,impact or otherwise its important for me to check in with you afterward and make sure you are ok and mentally /emotionally satisfied,as well as providing you with hugs,forehead kisses,a bottle of water,a blanket or anything else you may need after a masochist scene ,pain/flogging/torture of any kind /whipping etc etc

8.BONDAGE—–when being restrained physically whether you are a novice or experienced kinkster bondage CAN BE DANGEROUS,I always have a pair of sharp safety scissors ready to dismantle rope,at anytime you feel that you need out NOW , furthermore I provide full 4 point restriction and have gags available as-well if that’s your thing.

9.SOBRIETY CLAUS —-NON-NEGOTIABLE – YOU must not be under the influence of any substances in a scene ,its not safe and I don’t allow it.If you are booking a session and show up drunk,high or under the influence I will turn you away immediately without refund of the deposit.

10. SUB-DROP PROTOCOL—-sometimes a scene might get too much if playing on the wrong day or in the wrong head space,if this type of thing occurs during a scene and “SUB-DROP”happens the scene and all players stop and I will go through a list of questions to check in with you,please consider your mental health and emotional status the day of your session,If you are grieving or have trauma/triggers. please bring them up beforehand and we can endeavour together .

11.MY HARD LIMITS —– NO BLOOD ,NO SKAT, NO FIRE , NO INCEST ROLE-PLAY, NO SEX, NO DRUGS : no race play • no cnc unless contract is written .

Telegram : @daintysadist. Twitter : @vancouvermadam



serious inquiries Only 
I believe in karmic abundance , the act of sending a ripples effect of gratitude into the universe and receive constant blessings in return . If you contact me it means you are ready to meet me , if you are nervous then  it’s not your time , you will know when you are ready and I will be here manifesting my future clientele , as the universal tithe continues …..if you do not resonate with me , I am not your people .

MY ONLYFANS HAS 7 years of content on it 﫡率‍♀️硫❤️.

11 thoughts on “INFORMATION TO BOOK

  1. G says:

    Madam Rabbit,
    I really would like to see you but had a few questions in mind.
    2) Overnight Session – $500 – How long are the sessions for ?

    Your humble admirer

    1. MADAM says:

      Overnight is 10 pm till 9 am. You will arrive and serve until 11:30 pm sleep on the floor near my bed or the cage and when we wake up I will direct you on how to serve for the rest of the morning until we say goodbye
      We will be sleeping from 11:45 pm till 7:30 am
      Yes I do uncovered facesitting. It’s an extra 50$ on top of my rate of 260$ hr

      1. G says:

        If I plan to stay overnight, will unclothed facesitting be included in the session ?

  2. Roman Stashewsky says:

    Good evening Madam rabbit. I know that this is a shot in the dark but I was wondering if as a first meet you would like to go to a hockey game with me this evening. Vancouver Canucks versus Anaheim Ducks. My very humble request. Romy

  3. Jo says:

    Hi Madam Rabbit

    I would be so grateful to have the opportunity to serve you .

    Please let me know if that might be of interest?❤️

  4. mark prokopiak says:

    hi this is marcus i would like to do a 3 hour session been doing dominatian since 1994 never been pegged and would like to try sissification as well made to female and maybe fully maked up and dressed up amd go in public love face sitting pussy worshiping and face slapping thank you mistress


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