Mentorship curriculum

update : March 2023 revision – currently have maximum 4 protégés at a time .

I Currently do not have anymore space for new protégés until august 2023 , if you are interested and want to go on a wait list and or meet up if you’re in Vancouver that is definitely an option depending on my time and availability

…….and if you’re a new Domme and want to learn more about all this please let me know and I can send you in the right direction .I have many skilled Dommes in my back pocket that would be happy to help !

my curriculum is a 6 month minimum training program that consists of check ins , Skype/Zoom /video calls , bookwork and hands on experience that is key for a fundamentally successful startup .

Implements toys , outfits , accessories leathers , boots uniform attire and , equipment ;dungeon space are vital to a Dominatrix practice and I aid in resources and connections within the community to guide anyone in the process of outsourcing or building a collection fit for a Pro .

The phycological and rapport building strategies to become a Successful Domme require skill and practice , because people are coming to us to turn over their will their body and their mind when they are with us

In my curriculum there are the key elements that I teach and I meet everyone where they are at in their journey .

1. connection ,qualification via Skype or in person ( if you are in Vancouver ) mentee and myself build a rapport and strategize what each individual needs to grow in the craft and how I can help

2. establish goals and structure a long term based apprenticeship that suits both of us

3. mentee is expected to stay accountable throughout training Aswell as Myself .

4. Pondering Case studies and me providing hands on experience are both an option depending on locations and how far mentee is away from madam . new people in the kink community and grow our network .

6. Educational Journey together through various aspects of bdsm and a variety of fetishs that future clients might partake in .

7.RACK • SSC • rope safety • education on safe play and consent / red / yellow : green – safeword and facilitation of preliminary neutral time before a scene .

8. Aftercare and everything about it .

9. Femdom fundamentals , history of the work and studying previous historical events, notable goddesses , and some of the first known Dominatrices to walk the planet before us .

10. Case study reviews .

11. Official website building • finding a host and niche building – modifications and tools to help build a fluent career online and in person

12. Funneling techniques for social media dos and don’ts

13. Whip safety , ethics and eager target practice from long range and short

14. Impact play , caning , flogging , dos and don’ts – how to play safely and without serious injury

15. S/D dynamic exercises

16. Continuous Integration and monitoring throughout the process of mentorship and skill development

17. Practice and prep for email response and correspondence

18. How to Train subs and vet them under madams direction

19. Forming personal principles and tenets based on each individual’s craft

20. Refining brand and aesthetic

21. Dungeon research

22. Meeting subs in person and practicing with consent

23. Education on Writing scripts for hypnosis and erotic hypnosis to navigate Domme drop

25. How to create balance between the “work play ,be ,trifecta “

26. Self care and shadow work ( shadow work session takes 2.5 hours )

27. Intentions goals and gratitude

28. Graduation

Once a Domme graduates I will be accessible for her / t

here for support to guide wether close or far even after she has gone onto her own practice and begun her journey as a PROFESSIONAL

If you are interested in mentorship

Email me /

If you are male and looking to be a Dominant

Curious prospect —- Rope top ——- , rigger ________, or lifestyle Domme You will pay me for my program and rates can be negotiable for my time and my resources