Portraits of a Weaponatrix

Weapons have always fascinated me .
brought into a controlled environment They shine bright and bring mystery -and cellular intoxication to the forefront .

I’ve always collected knives , and other various implements in my career (and beyond )because I’m drawn to the weaponatrix archetype . She is a delicious mix of intimidating and sensual :her intention is to stir all your emotions with her various skills and abilities wether it be a sword 🗡️ a knife or a baton :butcher knife , scalpel (.4 gage ) machete , axe and open to other ideas .

I’ve met hundreds of clients over the years looking for a thrill , an adrenaline producing experience that jolts the nervous system and allows people to understand what they are scared of and why , it unlocks the mind and allows all those lovely endorphins to free flow .

In fact over the years I’ve become more and more aware of my affinity for these scenes and the function of each specific weapon and how some scare more than others .

Civilization was built on the fundamental art of war and I feel women have not been lucky enough to indulge in this fantasy of war and self defence ;and the weapons and artillery involved .

So I have dabbled in numerous things that have inevitably brought my swords and other various items into the dungeon .

Is there danger , no .

Will it be scary watching me with a 2 1/2 foot katana blade . Possibly

Are weapons involved in the scene while your tied up yes

Absolutely 👩🏻‍💼🦾

Trust and safety are paramount in these scenes and I require open communication

will I glide a switch blade over your throat with a delicate ease. Possibly

can I restrict your body and run a sword over the rope with tactical precision

🥰yes yes 🙌

This type of scene isn’t for everyone , fear based play and submitting to a weaponatrix is an acquired taste , one that only the hardcore sadists /masochists enjoy . Not all of you are interested in the deeply psychological aspects of BDSM . And I can respect that .

If you like a dose of adrenaline and spiked blood pressure indulge with me . if you have a weaponatrix fantasy you want to explore I’ll be happy to help 💀


castration roleplay

Whipping /lashing roleplay

severe ballbust roleplay

all can be facets of this play

that will be communicated step by step before in neutral time .


The swords are an extension of her intentions

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