•••••Mentorship in progress , talented and passionate Dominants•••••

I believe very deeply in my heart that passing down knowledge and traditions is what makes human kind , …. Human .

As a strong woman I must connect and share with other strong women ,it is in sturdy and close bonds where we find our nature , our passions and our shortcomings . Teaching and guiding new Dominants is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience watching them go out and find their calling , their skill-sets and forming their own archetype and methodology . Throughout my mentorship journey I’ve found that the women I work with have so much to teach me Aswell and I learn much them aswell . It’s a beautiful thing.

The lovely creatures below are just a few that I have worked with and am currently working with now .

The beginning of a long and abundant adventure as MISTRESS ELLE QUI

••••••••••••MISTRESS ELLE QUI ••••••

Age :33

Level of expertise : numerous years experience in the fetish /kink lifestyle , and experience in the s\D dynamic ;always developing learning and growing in each of her skill sets .and an amazing understanding and execution of rope bondage techniques.

Currently under my mentorship and I’m here for her as she needs in the future of her walk down the path to being a Pro-Domme .

Hands on experience: she Has taken BDSM /workshops in her area and classes that will move her forward in a range of activities . And will always be continuing viewing my live BDSM Scenes with real clientele for a taste of what it’s like to run a session .

Her interests and specialities include

  • Rope bondage ( technical )
  • Rope bondage ( contortion )
  • Pet play
  • Low key public humiliation
  • Foot fetish
  • Findom cashmeets In person
  • Leather fetish
  • Feminization
  • Keyholding and chastity
  • Spit play
  • More specialities and skills in progress

Interests and hobbies

Dog mom of two fur babies ,she enjoys nature ,holistic practices , reading , hiking , and also is immersed in dancing ( ballet classes)

Domination style and developing methodology :

As she is a student of life , and enjoys researching , reading and devouring books ; her passion for the focus of what is underneath fetishs also is something she enjoys. She wants to go deeper in a submissives mind and capture thoughts and fantasies from there perspective .

With an added affinity for rope bondage and beautiful artistic rope work , an expression of the extension of dominance over a body gets her adrenaline going , contortion and controlled tying are things she’s currently working on now by way of human Guinea pig and wiling submissive .

Subs are already engaging , seeing the spark and the transition from findom to Femdom

We met on Twitter and she approached me with the intention of being mentored

I immediately knew she had that domina fire and each week that passes she is stepping into mistress Elle and her unique persona . I look forward to growing teaching and sharing this journey with her and I suggest you continue to support her walk to the path of Pro-dominance .

Her Twitter is @MistressElleQui


A delightful and fun Dominant I have been working with and engaging with online for almost a year

, We have established that she will be taking part in my 6 month mentorship program which will deeply focus on transition into BDSM / FEMDOM , and pro -Domme work , she has a very good sense of her archetype and her abilities as a Findomme and now We are going to focus more on the Top aspect in a Femdom dynamic , this program is not rigorous it is slow paced , flowing and very informative . In this 6 month period of time I can already see her blooming into the Pro she knows she can be. Continue following her and her journey and remember to support all Dominants In their walk to matriarchy .

Name : The Baroness
Honorifics: Baroness
Gender : female she/her
Location : USA
Role : financial dominatrix aka findomme

♡ financial domination
♡ petplay
♡ dronification
♡ erotic hypnosis
♡ worship (body, feet, ass…. worship me)
♡ chastity
♡ cei
♡ cbt
♡ tpe (long term subs only)
♡ forced intox
♡ cnc
♡ orgasm control & denial
♡ humiliation

Limits: scat, ageplay, raceplay, incest, mutiliation

Drained over 25k in 4 months… what can I say, I was born to be spoiled~
My kennel is open for turning lost little puppies into well trained pedigrees & taking in cute little kittens and turning them into my own personal toys.
Submit your sub application and let’s take your weak little mind on a journey~



Return TBA – approved to serve clientele as a Pro ⚕️

Miss Ivory Quinn

Vancouver bc

under my guidance I have been working with Miss Ivory Quinn as she transitioned into being a pro Domme , immediately She was immersed into face to face scenes with clients and continued for a year building her own personal clientele list and honing her skills . Her reviews are excellent and her work reflects tedious detail and fervent scene planning .

currently on hiatus after a year of Pro-Domme sessions she is now in the process of taking time for her . She is a talented dominant with honed aptitudes and a love for a proper good s/M scene .
her Twitter is @LadyXQuinn go show your support and be sure to follow her on her continued journey in the Vancouver / tri cities area .
we also provide double Domme sessions

to pre approved submissives

Her specialities and interests

Urethra torture
Breath play
Edging (a personal favorite )
Body/foot worship
Impact play (spanking/whips/canes)

•••••••••••••••••••MISTRESS BLEAK •••••••••••••

Come appease your insatiable need for thrill and chaos.

I’m Mistress Bleak, a multifaceted Domme and fluent in Findom : with a sensuous approach, at times rigid and cold. I may manifest as sultry, soft or as a fearsome strict machine. Findom being my specialty, your assets can be left in good hands: mine. Have the privilege of having your financial life overtaken by a Goddess. I offer several services online as well as within Toronto (GTA): from cash meets, drain sessions to tech takeover using Anydesk/Teamviewer. Every kinky craving can assuredly be fulfilled.

Services and skills offered:



– Linkfly.to/mistressbleak
– Loyalfans.com/mistressbleak
– Fetlife.com/mistressbleak
– Patreon.com/mistressbleak
– Twitter.com/goddessbleak
– Paypal.com/mistressbleak
– Wishtender.com/mistressbleak
– Buymeablunt.com/mistressbleak

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