Specialities aptitudes and predilections .

After looking at my list of fetishs that I indulge in you will see the list is long and complete

But I have 2 things in particular that I enjoy immensely and am very skilled at

. 1.pain training ( canes , bull whip , open hand spanking and impact play )

I thoroughly enjoy heightening a sub’s experiences in the realm of pain ,with clear and concise breathing directions coupled with a sense of building momentum in the mind first rather than the body ; I test the limits my sub will go to expand the horizons of adrenaline and other happy drugs that consume the body after apex is reached .

Whatever the implement ,I immerse myself in the limbo of giving a serving of pain and ear kisses , nipple torture and a hint of eye contact .

Gentle reminders I am the one in control

And chills , goosebumps and all the lovely reactions in between as I observe your body and what makes it tick .

Redness , marks and bruises are a bonus . A true masochist will delight in the lovely heated burn under the clothes as he walks out thinking about it , craving it again once it heals 🧠the tiger stripes of an intense caning leaving the body to mend tiger stripes after Im done with my ass canvas .

Daddy understands 🤣

2. Foot fetish and anything to do with it .

I don’t need to expand too much on this , because it’s a no brainer , I have beautiful curvy lovely feet and they are one of my greatest weapons 😂. Encased in expensive shoes and wrapped in leathers , diamonds , suede and pantyhose are all affinities of mine .

The broad and complex structure of Foot fetish has always fascinated me and research coupled with demographic experience has taught me that the feet and worshipping feet are connected to humility, altruism , and the spirit of service . Any foot boy that has served at a masters feet understands♥️

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